Refund Policy

Full details of our privacy policy are included under our terms and conditions and this should be referred to. The following points are for additional informational purposes only.


If You are overcharged upon Us accepting Your proof that You were overcharged we will refund as promptly as possible Your refund such refund to be refunded to Your source of payment. If we disagree with Your claim which then subsequently results in a dispute between Us and You then We will refer the documentation to an independent arbitrator for a decision that is binding on all parties.


Because We supply a demonstration copy of the Pick & Send software and hardware operation which enables You to ascertain if the software and hardware meets Your requirements we do not offer a refund on license and hardware purchases.


Licenses that are subscribed for have a cancellation of service clause which requires You to give Us 30 days’ notice of cancellation. If Your cancellation date falls partway through a subscription month You will have been billed in advance for the full month, The part month that is not used is non-refundable.

Faulty Hardware

Faulty hardware we supply is replaced under the terms and conditions of our warranty.